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Conditions - Damhead Boarding Kennels and Cattery

Bookings are taken on a strictly limited basis to ensure that each pet has individual care during its stay with us.  All breeds are welcome.

As it is our policy of walking dogs, there is an element of risk of escape as is always present when you walk your dog. Our intention is to eliminate this as much as is possible, but feel you must take this into consideration prior to booking or boarding here.

Conditions of Acceptance for Boarding
Your Dog and or Cat must have a current vaccination certificate which will be retained during the period of boarding. If you are uncertain, please contact your vet. We will refuse to accept your pet, if the vaccinations are not up-to-date.  We also reserve the right to refuse your pet if they are considered to be in an unhealthy condition or of an unreliable temperament.
Dogs’ certificate must include “infectious bronchitis” (Kennel Cough) vaccine and be clearly indicated on the certificate. This should be given to your dog ideally 10 days prior to boarding.

It is important that your dog or cat is wormed frequently as this is a health hazard to other animals and staff . Worming should be carried out at least 7 days prior to boarding.  Flea and tick treatments should also be carried out regularly in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

Whilst every possible care and attention is given to each pet boarded at these Kennels, we cannot be held responsible for loss, either from illness or other cause. Our emergency boarding vet or your own vet will be contacted if we have any cause for concern. Your own vet maybe contacted for information should this be felt necessary. We require that any expenses involved be reimbursed upon collection of your pet, unless covered by our insurance.

Animals can only be accepted or collected within the allotted opening times.

Please note: All fees due are payable in full either on arrival or departure. There will be no refund for pets brought in late, or removed before the end of the pre-booked period and a cancellation fee of £20.00 per animal may be made for late cancellations (less than 72 hours).  We now take all major debit and credit cards (except American Express).

Damhead Kennels and Cattery do not accept responsibility for damage or loss to any toys, personal items etc  that are left on site.

Your permission will be sought before any photographs are taken which may be uploaded to social media, pets will not be named.  We will seek your permission to maintain a register of your personal data, as required by our licencing regulations, failure to accept this condition will mean that we are unable to board your pet.

Any animal not collected within fourteen days of departure date and a letter being sent to the address provided will result in the animal becoming the property of Damhead Kennels and Cattery.

Please ring to make an appointment to come and meet us and take a look around, so that this can be during our opening hours to minimise disruption to our guests.