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Kennels - Damhead Boarding Kennels and Cattery

At Damhead, we provide a range of kennels with access to covered runs.  Our kennel block is heated and thermostatically controlled ensuring a constant ambient air temperature is maintained all year round.

All dogs are lead walked twice a day either in our fields or along the farm tracks surrounding the kennels and in addition we offer play time in our large secure paddock where we play fly-ball, tug or just do a bit of sniffing and exploring

We are also happy to walk dogs off lead but only with your express permission.

At Damhead we feed a complete food for dogs, though this can be supplemented with other food for those used to a more meaty diet.  We are happy for you to bring your own food should a special diet be required.  We follow the feeding pattern that your pet is used to at home, so if it’s once, twice or three times a day, let us know and we will do the same.

Medication can be administered at no additional charge.

Beds and specialist cosy vet bedding is provided and changed regularly during your pet’s stay, and if you wish, feel free to bring along any favourite toys etc.

Whilst every care is taken to look after your pet, illness or accidents can occur and we provide pet insurance at no extra charge to cover for this during any stay.*  This offers peace of mind that should we need to seek veterinary attention, there will be no expensive bills for you to pay upon your return.

*(Pre-existing conditions are not covered by this policy)